Why should you attend Ecommerce Business Dating (EBD) as a Delegate?

Four basic reasons why you should attend the business event for growing your business.

Innovation & Technology Trends Consumer Behaviour & Requirements
Experiential Knowledge Sharing Networking & Branding

Experiential knowledge sharing:

Gain experiential knowledge from many of the business thought leaders.

  • Strategies that helps to lead your business.
  • Better customer experience and retention.
  • Become visible to e-commerce fraternity.

Innovation & Technology trends:

Get exposed to new business scenarios and technology trends for new possibilities and innovations which can help you to grow your business.

  • Best practices being done by business organisations not only in India but also abroad.
  • New technology trends and innovation for better customer experience and retention.
  • Innovative and realign strategies that confine your business.

Customer behaviour & requirements:

Focus on customer acquisition, expectation, engagement and retention.

  • Understanding the current market demands.
  • Understanding of requirements of end users.
  • Build capability to provide exactly what the customer demands.
  • Understand analytics which helps you to great extent in decision making.

Networking & Branding:

Meet the ecommerce / retail / start-ups fraternity.

  • Products / services visible to many other business organisations for cross fertilization.
  • Meet vendors for tailor made solutionsof customer experience and retention.

Conference tracks:

Thought leaders from the industry will be sharing their experiential knowledge & views on:

  • Digital India Trends
  • Understand Online business
  • Omnichannel – The way to go
  • Investors Perspective
  • Startup Snapshot